Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses

Make Your Small Business Stand Out This Black Friday

Black FridayIt’s the biggest shopping day of the entire year, and the day that kickstarts the entire holiday season- Black Friday. As a small business owner, you may wonder how you can possibly compete with the events and extreme deals going on with big box companies. As a small business, capitalize and market what makes you different from the chain stores, and give your customers a breath of fresh air this hectic holiday season. Keep reading to learn how you can serve your customers this Black Friday and stay true to what makes your small business great this season.

Personalized Service - No matter how many employees the big box chains pull in this Thanksgiving, it is impossible to give each customer the customized, individualized service that you can provide as a small business. Even if you choose not to be open on Black Friday, lure your customers by marketing your ability to attentively meets the needs of each your customers. Spend time with each customer to make sure they are completely satisfied. Be different from the hustled, rush that is too customary this time of year.

Give Back - Show your customers you are thankful for them this season, by offering exclusive deals and sales promoted on social media or through a special email blast. Give away free products with purchases. Consider sending out Thanksgiving cards as an appreciative and classy way to show you care and appreciate them this season. Be creative and think of ways to promote your business that also give your customers the sense of appreciation they deserve. Remember without them, you wouldn't be where you are today!

Atmosphere - Don’t be afraid to be different. Stand out from the hectic hustle and bustle of Black Friday, by creating a calm and relaxing customer experience. Invite your customers in from the cold chaos, by giving away free refreshments, such as coffee. Play soft Christmas music in the background. Create an atmosphere that is a retreat from the typical shopping madness and chaos. Be inviting and create an environment that shows how much you appreciate your customers. Remember it is all about experience and presentation. Give your customers a shopping experience that is refreshing and that they won’t easily forget this year.

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