Creativity & Small Businesses

How to Encourage Creativity In Your Small Business

creativity Creativity and innovation are two keys to the success of any venture or corporation, and arguably even more invaluable to a small business. When trying to compete with “big box” companies and online powerhouses, it is important to do all you can do to give your company an edge with the competition. Being committed and open to innovation can help you grow and continue to succeed in ways you could have never imagined. Don’t let your small business fall into a rut! Keep reading form some ideas on how to encourage creativity in your business.

Vision & Values - Being creative and innovative isn't just something you check off your to-do list each day. It’s a way of life and encompasses all you do. This year make creativity and innovation part of your vision and values, and set specific goals to help you become more creative this year. If you are really passionate, make this commitment part of your mission statement. Let potential employees and your customers know that you are committed to creatively meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. Setting a tone and making innovation a priority will help get your existing employees excited for the future and also help you attract the creative talent you need to keep growing.

creativity Atmosphere - Believe or not, working conditions can really affect how creative you and your employees are. Now that you have expanded your values to encourage more creativity, make sure your working environment does the same. Make your space inspiring. Considering hanging wall art or inspirational quotes. Add plants and considering painting some of the walls with brighter colors. You can even try switching it up, by working outside or in a cafe for a day. Don’t forget about resources. If within your budget, make sure that your employees have the access to the software and technology needed to help your projects meet their true potential.

Listen & Reward - Really encourage your employees to be more creative by rewarding those who think outside of the box. Be open to suggestions on new ways of doing things. Let your employees know that their ideas will be heard and encouraged. Consider allowing time for employees to just be creative and get inspired, or to work on special projects that they are personally passionate about. Brainstorm and switch things up. Even a couple of afternoons a month can make a world of difference.

Being creative and thinking outside of the box is worth the effort and can help give your company a competitive edge. Make your business the best it can be and help you employees reach their full potential.To learn more about our online marketing options, or about the other services we offer, contact Corporate Graphics of America today 773-481-2100, by email, or through the Contact Us Form.

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