October 7, 2015

About Us

Corporate Graphics of America

Corporate Graphics of America, Inc. is a full-service marketing production solutions provider and the essential partner to the marketing professional.  For sixty years, we have been providing end to end marketing production solutions that keep brands connected with their audiences.  Based in Chicago at one production facility, Corporate Graphics of America, Inc. is the single source for marketing production and campaign execution.

Our products and services provide brand building and lead generating solutions, across digital and printed communications.  Our services are

By having production based in one location, Corporate Graphics of America, Inc. provides unique advantages to the agency and corporate marketing professional.  Our team can guarantee that all products and campaigns are produced and executed with brand integrity and consistency across all channels.  In addition, we can assist and consult our clients in developing creative and strategy, and ensure they are properly produced in digital and print platforms.

The Benefits for the CGA client:

  • Increased control of the production process
  • Increased budget control and flexibility
  • Brand integrity and consistency is guaranteed
  • Avoid costly delays and increase campaign effectiveness
  • Real time, end to end measurement of campaign metrics

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