Make Your Direct Marketing Stand Out!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Print Marketing As we learned a few weeks ago, direct mail is still relevant and an effective way to reach your audience, including the younger generations (click here to learn about millennials and direct mail marketing). The key to making your mail marketing piece a success is creativity Read more about Make Your Direct Marketing Stand Out![…]

When Is a Good Time to Update Your Logo?

Signs That You Need to Redesign Your Logo Your logo is a key piece to your brand’s success. It is a visible representation of your company and often the first thing people see when they notice your brand. In your audience’s mind, your logo becomes synonymous with who you are as a company; because of Read more about When Is a Good Time to Update Your Logo?[…]

Digital & Beyond: How Millennials View Print Marketing

Direct Marketing and the Millennial Generation: How Millennials View Print Marketing Our culture, especially the younger generation and millennials, are becoming more and more digital every day from social media to e-Books.  Things like magazines and newspapers seem to become less and less relevant in today’s culture. Email, Skype, and texting have become more common than Read more about Digital & Beyond: How Millennials View Print Marketing[…]

Get Re-Motivated! How To Get Inspired & Reenergized At Work!

Simple Tips for Staying Motivated At Work! We all can get overwhelmed and loose our energy and drive. Tasks pile up, conflicts arise, or the never satisfied client calls again, and we leave the office feeling drained and exhausted. One day blurs into another, and we slowly become more drained and loose further motivation. Don’t Read more about Get Re-Motivated! How To Get Inspired & Reenergized At Work![…]
social media

Smart Social Media Safety Tips

Be Smart! Easy Tips for Using Social Media Safely Social media has truly revolutionized our culture and become a bigger part of our lives than we ever realized. It has changed how we receive news, communicate,  share pictures, and catch up with our friends and loved ones. In an instant, we can share pictures and Read more about Smart Social Media Safety Tips[…]
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Do I Still Need Business Cards?

Why Business Cards Are Still Relevant In today’s digital world, where almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet, you might be tempted to think that something like the business card is outdated and irrelevant. Wrong! The business card is just as important today as it was fifteen years ago and won’t be going anywhere anytime Read more about Do I Still Need Business Cards?[…]

The Power of Print

The Importance of Print Media in Marketing We live in a digital age, but also a physical world. Many believe that print media is dead and becoming irrelevant. FALSE! Print media is just as important today as it was years ago, and arguably more so. The resurgence of print media can be vital to solidifying Read more about The Power of Print[…]

Creativity & Small Businesses

How to Encourage Creativity In Your Small Business Creativity and innovation are two keys to the success of any venture or corporation, and arguably even more invaluable to a small business. When trying to compete with “big box” companies and online powerhouses, it is important to do all you can do to give your company Read more about Creativity & Small Businesses[…]

How to Become More Productive

Productivity Tips for the New Year! Whether you’re a working professional, small-business owner, or individual, we all would like to get more done in a day. Becoming more productive and efficient was most likely on many of our lists of New Year’s Resolutions this year, but many of us don’t know where to get started. Streamlining Read more about How to Become More Productive[…]

Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

Goals to Improve Your Small Business This Year The holidays are almost over, and a new year is ready to begin. Don’t get caught in the post-holiday slump or fall in a rut. Instead, take this time to examine yourself as a business, and set some goals to make 2017 your best year yet! Small Read more about Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet![…]

Holiday Marketing Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Budget Friendly Holiday Marketing It’s the busiest and most important shopping season of the year. Naturally you want to maximize your success and sales, but as a small business you may not have the biggest marketing budget. Amping up your marketing efforts for the holidays doesn't have to be expensive or overly time consuming. With Read more about Holiday Marketing Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank[…]

Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas

Celebrate with your Customers on Social Media with These Fun & Creative Post Ideas! It’s the biggest shopping season of the year, and while you are busy getting your physical storefront ready, don’t neglect your online campaigns. Social media is a great way to connect on a more personal level with your audience this holiday Read more about Holiday Social Media Marketing Ideas[…]
Black Friday

Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses

Make Your Small Business Stand Out This Black Friday It’s the biggest shopping day of the entire year, and the day that kickstarts the entire holiday season- Black Friday. As a small business owner, you may wonder how you can possibly compete with the events and extreme deals going on with big box companies. As Read more about Black Friday Ideas for Small Businesses[…]

Protecting Your Online Reputation Part 2

Handling Negative Comments and Reviews As we talked about earlier this month, your company’s reputation and credibility are your most valuable assets. Protecting and building your brand is absolutely essential to the success of any business, regardless of size or industry. For more ideas and suggestions on how to foster your relationship with your audience Read more about Protecting Your Online Reputation Part 2[…]

Protecting Your Online Reputation Part 1

Tips for Building & Maintaining Your Online Reputation Your company’s reputation is one of your most valuable assets, if not THE most important. How you are viewed and perceived by customer’s is just as important as your actual product and sales. Arguably, what consumers say about your product is more impactful than your own marketing. Read more about Protecting Your Online Reputation Part 1[…]

Improving Cybersecurity for Small Businesses

Easy Ways To Protect Your Businesses’ Cybersecurity   It seems that with each passing day we become more and more dependent on technology to effectively run our businesses. From day to day operations to marketing, the internet is becoming essential to your small business’ ability to function. The internet and technology are great assets that allow Read more about Improving Cybersecurity for Small Businesses[…]