Make Your Direct Marketing Stand Out!

Tips for Making the Most of Your Print Marketing

marketingAs we learned a few weeks ago, direct mail is still relevant and an effective way to reach your audience, including the younger generations (click here to learn about millennials and direct mail marketing). The key to making your mail marketing piece a success is creativity and thinking outside of the box. You want your piece to stand out amongst that stack of mail and grab your customer’s attention, but how do you craft the perfect printed marketing piece for your small business? It’s not as hard as you think! Keep reading from some easy tips from Corporate Graphics on how to ensure your direct mailing stands out from the crowd!


Direct mail that is printed on quality, heavy linen or embossed card stock, will definitely make your audience notice your piece and take a second look. Flimsy, poorly printed flyers and postcards reflect badly on a business and are more likely to be headed straight to a consumer’s trash bin. Investing in higher quality paper and printing will make your piece not only stand out, but also show the reader that you are a reputable, credible company that offers a quality product or service. Consider metallic foiling or embossing for a luxury feel, or a die-cut shape on colored card stock for a more fun vibe that stands out. Glossy and matte finishes are also options. Make your piece a reflection of your company’s personality.


You’ve heard the saying “Content is King” when it comes to online media and marketing, and the same principle can transcend to the printed page. Be concise, but creative. Remember, readers are scanning through their mail looking for something to jump out and grab their attention. A catchy slogan or attention grabbing tagline that gets your readers’ attention can be impactful. Make good use of your space, but do not clutter your piece with too much information. A good tip to follow is quality over quantity. Include links or a QR code to your social media pages and website. Don’t forget to proofread!

Images & Font

Choosing the right image to convey your message is essential and can make or break your piece. Carefully consider your audience and the impact you want your piece to make. Don’t overload your piece with images, but instead choose one focal image to accompany your logo and normal branding. Try choosing a photograph with a person or group of people to make it more relatable to your audience. Make sure you choose a high-quality image that will look good when printed. Poorly printed, grainy or pixelated images reflect poorly on a business and take away from your effectiveness.

Along the same lines, choose a font that is clean, bold and easy to read in print. Avoid ornate fonts that are difficult to read and don’t be tempted to use a smaller point font to squeeze in more content. Lastly, choose colors that coordinate with your theme and the message you are trying to send, and that contrast with your background color for easy legibility.

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