Digital & Beyond: How Millennials View Print Marketing

Direct Marketing and the Millennial Generation: How Millennials View Print Marketing

How Millennials View Print MarketingOur culture, especially the younger generation and millennials, are becoming more and more digital every day from social media to e-Books.  Things like magazines and newspapers seem to become less and less relevant in today’s culture. Email, Skype, and texting have become more common than letters, cards, and even phone calls. As a small business owner, you would naturally think, that printed direct marketing materials are becoming less impactful and a thing of the past as well. Wrong! According to a recent study, highly “digitally engaged consumers are suffering from digital fatigue (USPS, 2016).” Printed marketing materials, especially direct mail marketing, is highly valued and effective with how millennials view print marketing.

Despite being coined the “digital generation,” millennials do respond to direct marketing, and even find it to be refreshing and more trustworthy than digital advertising. Coming from the online world, where the legitimacy of information is often questionable, there is something credible about tactile communication. Direct marketing has become a novelty to the millennial generation and can be used to differentiate yourself from the competition. Many companies are cutting costs and focusing solely on social media and digital advertising, neglecting printed media and direct mail marketing. As a small business, you can give your company an edge by building a direct marketing campaign to accompany and work along side your digital offerings.

How Millennials View Print MarketingPrinted marketing materials add to the customer experience in ways that cannot be accomplished on the internet, and are well received by the younger generation. In fact, over 80% of millennials enjoy and look forward to receiving direct mail (USPS, 2016).  Yes, you read that right....80%+!  While most digital ads and email are ignored or quickly scanned by millennials, studies have also shown that younger consumers spend more time with printed ads and mailings, and would prefer to look through their physical mail than clear their inbox. The tactile experience that comes from physical printed media engages all the senses and cannot be replicated online.

Direct mail marketing is not lost on the younger generations, and can help increase and drive sales both online and in store as well. To be successful, be creative with your print media and incorporate it with your social media campaign for the highest impact. Coupons for percentages off, free gifts with purchases, or special birthday offers are all ideas for direct mail marketing pieces that can draw millennials into your physical store. Use bright colors, foiling, and different textures. Engage the senses and catch their eye. Innovation is key to grabbing the young consumer’s attention, so have fun and think outside of the box. The possibilities are endless!

When coupled with a strong social media and digital marketing campaign, direct mail marketing can help you stand out and effectively reach the younger generations with how millennials view print marketing. Click here learn more about the longevity of print and for more ideas on making the most of your direct mail marketing campaign, contact Corporate Graphics of America today at 773-481-2100, by email, or through the Contact Us Form.

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