How to Become More Productive

Productivity Tips for the New Year!

productiveWhether you’re a working professional, small-business owner, or individual, we all would like to get more done in a day. Becoming more productive and efficient was most likely on many of our lists of New Year’s Resolutions this year, but many of us don’t know where to get started. Streamlining your day and making your work processes more efficient doesn’t have to be complicated. On the contrary, simplicity is the key to becoming more productive. Keep reading for some easy tips and changes you can incorporate into your day to increase productivity.

Set Realistic Goals For Each Day

Most of us probably make to-do lists or write out goals we want to accomplish each day. If you don’t, start now! Breaking down your day or big projects into smaller tasks can really help you increase your productivity and stay on track. Do avoid setting unrealistic goals or putting more items on your list than you can accomplish in one day. This will only lead to you getting discouraged and feeling overwhelmed. Prioritize and don't let smaller tasks pile up to where you are overwhelmed at the end of the day. Start each day with your cup of coffee and write out your goals and important tasks. This will help you get focused and better manage your time.

Put A Time Limit On Web Browsing

Staying in the know and keeping up with the world around us and currents events is definitely important, but we all have experienced that time warp that comes with web browsing. One click or article leads to another, and suddenly two hours of our day is gone. Set aside a limited time each day to check Twitter or the headlines and then move on to accomplishing tasks. Set a timer if you have to, or close your browser during the work day. On a personal level, consider limiting your time on the web at home as well. Spend time with your family and friends without technology or read a book. You will rest better and find yourself more fulfilled and relaxed for it, which in turn, will make you more productive the next day.

Sync To-Do Lists & Calendars

productive Make technology work for you. Sync your calendar across all your devices so you never miss an important date or meeting, and consider making shared calendars with your employees and coworkers with meeting dates and deadlines so everyone is on the same page. Outline tasks and goals for important projects and put them them in the cloud, so every team member has access to them and can post updates of what is completed and still needs to be done. There are many apps and programs out there that are free to use. Experiment and find out what works best for your team. Put important project files in the cloud where the whole team can access them. If someone is sick or has and emergency, work doesn't have to stop. Instead of technology being a distraction, make it work for you.

Unplug From Social Media

Social media does have a place in our personal and professional lives, but when it comes time to meeting deadlines and working on important projects- disconnect. Resist the temptation to check Instagram and Facebook during meetings or when its down to the wire meeting that deadline. Turn off notifications temporarily or switch your phone into airplane mode to eliminate distractions and help you focus. Make a commitment to be more engaged on a personal level this year and use more traditional forms of communication. Sometimes a quick phone call can be more effective than that instant message or thread of emails. Try it out! You might surprise yourself with how much more you accomplish if you set aside and hour or two each day to work on projects without social media or technology.

Don’t Be Afraid to Write It Out

Technology is great and all, but there is something about the pen and paper that can’t be replaced. If you are stuck and can’t seem to work through that problem- write it out . Putting your problems to paper can sometimes help you see them in a whole new light. As we mentioned above, writing out to-do lists can goals can help you outline your day and prioritize your talks and daily goals. So don’t throw out your notebooks, pens, and post-its!

Being productive doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. Remember to form good habits and keep things simple. Find out what works for you and your business and customize it to meet your own needs. To learn more about our online marketing options, or about the other services we offer, contact Corporate Graphics of America today at 773-481-2100, by email, or through the Contact Us Form.

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