Protecting Your Online Reputation Part 2

Handling Negative Comments and Reviews

customer-1253483_1920As we talked about earlier this month, your company’s reputation and credibility are your most valuable assets. Protecting and building your brand is absolutely essential to the success of any business, regardless of size or industry. For more ideas and suggestions on how to foster your relationship with your audience and protect your online integrity check out our previous post. This week we are gong to tackle something every business will face at some time or another: negativity.

No matter how hard we try or how much effort you put into customer service and having a quality product, you will not make everyone happy. You are bound to encounter a disgruntled customer at some point or another, or receive a less then positive review online. How you respond to and handle such situations will impact your company’s reputation more than the complaint itself. Keep reading for some simple tips to help you best handle and respond to negative reviews and posts.

Never delete negative comments or reviews. Be open and honest. Respect the opinions of others, even if you disagree. While you may be tempted to just erase or delete comments that reflect badly on your company, don’t. Doing so makes you appear dishonest and like you are trying to hide your mistakes. Be transparent and honest and consider the other party’s point of view. Respond respectfully and quickly, and if appropriate, suggest a more private form of communication, such as email. Don’t be argumentative, but instead, respond calmly and professionally. Show your audience and other customers that you will respond promptly to all concerns and work with them to find a solution.

Take responsibility and work towards reconciliation. Be emphatic and relatable. Don’t be defensive or make excuses. Instead, apologize for your mistake and the inconvenience. Be transparent. Strive towards providing your customer with a solution that rectifies the situation. Welcome constructive criticism and see it as an opportunity to improve. Show your customers that you stand behind your products and services, and that you care about making it right. Make sure your response shows that you are company of integrity and that you care about reaching solution as soon as possible.

Everyone faces negativity. Instead of seeing it as an adversity, view it as an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and commitment to your customers. Use negativity as an opportunity to highlight your customer service and commitment to satisfying your clients and providing them with the best service and experience possible. Prove to your customers that you are a company of integrity. For more information on managing your company’s reputation, contact Corporate Graphics of America today at 773-481-2100, by email, or through the Contact Us Form.

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