When Is a Good Time to Update Your Logo?

Signs That You Need to Redesign Your Logo

logoYour logo is a key piece to your brand’s success. It is a visible representation of your company and often the first thing people see when they notice your brand. In your audience’s mind, your logo becomes synonymous with who you are as a company; because of this, it is imperative that your logo accurately reflects who you are as company and where you are going. Nothing, though, lasts forever. Just as your mission statement or product offerings may evolve over time, your logo may also need to be refreshed to properly reflect your company’s current personality and culture. Keep reading for signs that your logo may need updating this year.

How old is your logo?

Technology Changes

If your logo is from the 1990’s or early 2000’s, advances in technology and graphic design alone warrant an update. Technically speaking, you want your logo to be able to be reproduced digitally and in printed media. Go with a vector graphic that maintains a quality, sharp image regardless of size or media used. Make sure you get file formats from your designer that work across multiple platforms, and consider investing in different color variations of your logo to meet your future needs.

Changes in Design Trends

Design wise, an outdated logo makes your company look outdated as well; potentially harming your credibility with your audience. Go for a more modern, simplistic design that fits with today’s styles and trends, and that also translates well into the digital world. Choose a font and color scheme that makes your logo legible and classy at the same time. Be unique, but avoid typeface and color pairings that are hard to read and reproduce. Remember cohesiveness is key to the success of your brand, so choose colors and fonts that will transcend well in both digital and print media.

Who are you?

Take some time to reevaluate who you are as a company and who your audience is. Make sure your logo accurately reflects your current vision and company culture. Ensure that your design is optimized to appeal to your current target audience. You want your logo to be recognizable, unique, and relevant. Be creative, but avoid being to trendy or cutesy. Remember your logo is a representation of your company; make sure you are conveying the appropriate message.

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